Art Programme

Thingumajig Theatre

Meet Kelda

2pm-2.40pm, 4pm-4.40pm & 6pm-6.40pm, Squircle

Come along and meet Kelda as she parades around the festival site. She is on a voyage of discovery, looking to her past to make sense of her future. Kelda is keen to talk to you, to hear your story and discover where you have travelled from. 

The Rime of The Submerged Forest

2.45pm & 6pm, Squircle

Ophelia and The Mushjangler fish will be visiting Wintertide festival this year to tell festival goers the tale of The Rime of The Submerged Forest. 

This new folk tale and song was devised for Waterfront Festival by the Young People of the ‘Stand Together’ group who meet at Throston Youth Club with Hartlepool youth Services. The young people were mentored by a group of local artists, brought together by Jack of Hearts CIC. The artists involved in developing the story, characters and song are; Over The Winks, Mandascat, Michael Turnbull & Brian Barnes.

Smoke & Mirror
by Rachel Laycock

2pm-10pm, Croft Gardens

Mirror, reflection and refraction to distort and detract from the written text. The work explores the fragility of existence and the power of unity.

A collection of suspended words reflect the surroundings and play with light, it unite us as we smile, catching a glimpse of our reflection, look knowingly to others ”Im fine” we say and smile, knowing the struggles we have all faced. We see each other, we are there for each other. This piece acknowledges and reminds people ‘We see you’.

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Whippet Up

For the People, By the People UV Nighttime show

4.30pm, 6.30pm & 7.45pm, Croft Gardens

Whippet Up’s hand-crafted puppet theatre tells ancient and new folktales from across the Tees Valley. The audience is invited to spin the Whippet Wheel to select folktales sprinkled with UV magic.

Like all Whippet Up’s pieces ‘For the People, By the People’ is designed, built, and performed with local people who find Whippet Up for a wellbeing boost. For the People, By the People’ is a family friendly performance suitable for all ages.

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Curious Arts

Join us for the first illuminated performance of the Wildflowers

5.40pm-6pm, 7pm Procession &, 8.15-8.35pm, Squircle

What does it mean to be a Wildflower?

Blooming wherever you’re planted. Being your vibrant, colourful self, sometimes under the harshest conditions.

Join the Wildflowers as they ride by for a fun, floral pop-up performance. Creating a welcoming environment where everyone can thrive!

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Stars Come Out at Night

A touring illuminated artwork by Stellar Projects

5pm-10pm, History Gardens

A striking installation which captures the beauty and wonder of the night sky, bringing a glimmer of starlight right down to earth. The large sculptural piece slowly rotates to reveal beautiful star patterns on the surrounding landscape. When it revolves, internal lighting creates a mesmerising temporary universe of stars which dance across the ground for visitors, capturing the magic of a sky full of stars.

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Live Spray Paint

By Frank Styles

2-6pm *displayed till 10pm, Croft Gardens

Join mural artist Frank Styles as he paints our WT22 letters with UV spray paint!

Spy a few tricks of the trade as Frank paints the front of the letters looking to the future, and the rear looking back at the past. He will be using a combination of pre-cut stencils and freehand spray painting techniques.

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Colouring St Hilda's

Interactive light installation by Dan Brobbel


Light and Sound Choreography

By Artistic Solutions

5pm-10pm, Albion Terrace

Northern School Of Art Installation

2pm-10pm, Croft Gardens

Year 2 Art and Design students from the Norther School of Art have worked to a live brief and created spectacular willow structures which will be installed in Croft Gardens.

Hartlepool School Flag Competition Winners

Design Competition funded by Tees Valley Community Foundation

Thanks to funding from Tees Valley Community Foundation, BloomInArt delivered a competition for schools across Hartlepool. Three primary school’s responded to the call out and created artwork linked to the theme Turning Tides. The response was fantastic, all deserving of being winners. 
Thanks to all pupils who took part from: St Helen’s Primary, Eldon Grove Academy  and Throston Primary
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Rivers of the World Flag Installation

Thames Festival Trust, Stockton International Riverside Festival, BloomInArt &Tees Valley Schools

2pm-10pm, Town Wall

This exhibition shows the work of young people from the Tees Valley and their partner schools in Lebanon. They have worked alongside professional art practitioners, BloomInArt, to create magnificent river-themed artworks, learning through this creative process about the importance of their local waterfront and the environmental challenges it faces.

Line credit: A Thames Festival Trust project delivered in partnership with the British Council