'Our Seas’ Street Ambassador Commission
by artist Amanda Smith aka Mandascat

Friends of Regent Square/Street - Keep The Lights On - Our Seas

The artwork is an illustrated, community inspired ‘public artwork’. It will feature key motifs to support our love of our coasts which have supported the local community for generations. 
Our local harbour and sea has provided for our town, to grow and develop, providing food, shelter, homes, transport and now we can make a small homage to its own wealth and health. 
The illustration is devised to be positive, but thought provoking, whilst delighting any audience. The theme is very much about our local love of our coastal town, whilst playfully encouraging our imaginations.
Prominent motif’s (sea creatures local landscapes) will be lit by a lighthouse shining light on our environmental issues, of a recent throw away society, in a none challenging way which should delight all.
This will include ideas generated from the area and our community group “The friends of regent square” as well as young people as models for the illustration.  
Young people in the street will also be creating imagery for the windows of the street/square.