If people can’t come to a festival, then we shall take the festival to them!

BloomInArt, Gyre & Gimble, and Fuel have worked together to explore and celebrate the local legend that has captured imaginations for over 200 years. Five Schools and 600 pupils were involved with Monkey Make Activity created by puppetry company Gyre & Gimble to make their very own monkey puppets! The puppets have been collated and animated by BloomInArt to dance in a digital Monkey Mayhem parade. 

Monkey Mayhem was brought to you by:

BloomInArt & Balin Design.

Made possible with funding from Tees Valley Community Foundation and contributions from St Aidan’s C Of E Memorial Primary school, St Helen’s Primary School, Throston Primary School, St Teresa’s R C Primary School and Eldon Grove Academy.

Puppet template designed by Toby Olié of Gyre & Gimble

Collaboration with Fuel and Gyre & Gimble

Special thanks to all children who designed and created their very own monkey to contribute to this Monkey Mayhem parade.

Set drawings created by Maggie Wheetman and Mabel Laycock.