Keeping the Lights On
is a different format of festival which will play to our strengths and maintain the core ethos of Wintertide, allowing artists and the public to create and celebrate as a community.

Currently Live - ‘Hartlepool Monkey Homecoming’ Film 2 'Hart of Hartlepool' - Gyre & Gimble, Fuel & Northern School Of Art students

Created, in November 2020, in response to the stories of how Hartlepool got its name, sent in by pupils from Eldon Grove Academy.

“The concept of our short film was inspired by the children of Hartlepool. The stag’s story was different with every version we heard from the children, and so we were motivated to have a sense of childlikeness through the drawings. We tried to highlight that Hartlepool is a strong community.” (Team Mystery Incorporated, 2nd Year Acting Students, The Northern School of Art)

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About Wintertide Festival

‘Creating with the community’

Wintertide is an independent community festival which takes place in and around the streets on the Hartlepool Headland, a coastal town steeped in history, heritage, culture and folklore.